EARASHI: Embodied AI/Robotics applications for a safe, human-oriented industry

EARASHI is a European network made of existing local ecosystems to reach a large number of third parties and maximize the number of new innovative AI & Robotics at work solutions. The workplan is clearly defined so that each partner has a precise role and does not work in parallel with the others. EARASHI has all the major assets to succeed in helping third parties and sustain the competitiveness and demand of European manufacturing.

This combination of experiences, competencies, and technologies from leading European institutes is sufficient to provide the critical mass necessary to bring the project to a successful completion.

Besides competencies in coaching, business model creation, the continuation of projects after funding, etc., the EARASHI consortium involves leading industrial actors and research institutes in AI, data and robotics, world-recognized SSH expertise, business accelerator, and European DIHs. EARASHI partners have great experience in setting up and managing open calls, with agile processes tailored to start-ups and SMEs’ needs and timelines.

In line with the Horizon Europe Strategic Plan, EARASHI aims to contribute to Europe’s needs to be able to autonomously source and provide crucial services and technologies that are safe and secure for industry and people. Thus, it will help shape secure, trusted, and competitive technologies and as well as enable eco-responsible production and consumption for the production machines/tools field sector.

EARASHI will also promote an open strategic autonomy by leading the development of key digital, enabling, and emerging technologies, sectors, and value chains, and making Europe the first digitally enabled circular, climate-neutral, and sustainable economy.

By investing early in and sustaining competitive emerging enabling technologies, EARASHI will contribute to accelerating an eco-responsible digital transition by 2030.



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